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Lenses: There's a Proper Choice for Every Type of Eyes

No matter what frames you choose, your visual and wearing comfort ultimately depends on selecting the right type of lenses. We'll show you what factors are critical and what you need to look out for when choosing your lenses.  

Lens Materials

Modern lens materials combine the benefits of being light weight, durable and providing excellent clarity.  We use a variety of different materials, depending on your prescription needs and budget.


CR-39 -- This is "regular plastic" and combines light weight with excellent optics.


Polycarbonate -- This is a thin and light material that is approximately 10X more impact resistant that standard plastic lenses, which makes them ideal for children and also for industrial safety eyewear.  They provide UV and scratch protection, while being about 35% thinner than standard plastic.


Hi-index -- These are the thinnest and flattest lenses available and can be as much as 50% thinner than standard plastic lenses.  They are ideal for strong prescriptions and provide excellent cosmetic and visual results.


Trivex --  This is an ultra-light lens with superior impact resistance.  They are a great choice for drilled rimless eyewear.

Progressive Lenses

Modern progressive lenses, which are sometimes referred to as "no-line bifocals", offer many advantages and are of course available in ONE-HOUR.  


Your advantages at a glance 

  • Multiple focal lengths providing clear vision for distance, intermediate and near vision
  • Available with variable lens designs for optimal vision for your prescription and frame choice 
  • Easy adaptation
  • No disturbing lines as with bifocals

Lens Options

Anti-reflective Coatings -- These coatings can eliminate most reflections from the surface of your lenses, which is ideal for conditions such as night driving.  We offer various types of "AR coatings", including Crizal, Zeiss and Optima.  


UV Protection -- UV protection can filter 99% of all harmfull UV rays and help preserve your eye health.


Tints --  Various colors and shades of lens tinting are available for both cosmetics as well as eye comfort.


Polarized Sunlenses -- These lenses are optimized to reduce glare and provide complete ultra-violet protection, and are available in a variety of shades.  New technology is available from Transitions that also include variable tint polarized lenses.


Transitions -- Transitions lenses adapt to different light conditions.  They can be virtually clear indoors and darken with increasing light and ultra-violet exposure.

Need advice on which lenses or options are right for you?

We'd be glad to help you. Just stop by the shop, give us a call at  804 520-4687, or send us an email.

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